Blogging is the new-age journalist’s best friend, and everyone is doing it. But where should a blogging newbie start? This blogging site, WordPress, is great, but there are other options out there.

Weebly is just one of those great options for the newest up-and-coming blogger, looking to make their mark in the blogging/journalism world.

The following video tutorial gives a brief overview of how to make a blog using in just five minutes! It really is that easy.

Weebly is great for blogs because of its drag and drop style customization tools and its user-friendly interface. And the website isn’t just for blogs, it can be used for websites and online stores.

According to their website, “millions around the world use Weebly to start their own business, sell online, showcase their achievements and communicate with visitors in a thoughtful and meaningful way. Designed with the first-time business owner in mind, Weebly gives everyone the freedom to build a high-quality site that works brilliantly across any device.”

There is even an upgraded version that can do more than the demonstration of the free version.

Some of Weebly’s features that weren’t mentioned in the video include the ability to add slideshows, maps, widgets, documents, surveys, feed readers, and so much more.

The Weebly home page tracks site statistics like how many visitors and views the page has.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 2.33.52 AM

The blogger can also use the blog settings to customize blog comments, add a password to protect the blog, and other useful adjustments.

The ability to add pages and subpages gives the blogger the option to create a site that draws readers in further and further.

Weebly is a simple website builder that can do extremely complex things. I would definitely recommend Weebly to a first-time blogger looking to have the ultimate customization experience.